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3 June 2015


Mastervolt introduces two innovative solar charge regulators for off-grid, mobile, marine, offshore and infrastructure applications. The Solar ChargeMaster 25 MPPT is designed for small and medium-sized systems, and the Solar ChargeMaster 60 MPPT-MB for medium-sized and large ones.

Efficient, reliable and secure
The new Mastervolt charge regulators are space-saving, quiet, user-friendly and suitable for all types of batteries, including lithium-ion. Pre-programmed charging profiles can be selected via the integrated display. The battery voltage is detected automatically. Built-in protection against overloads, high or low battery voltage, overheating, short circuits and reverse polarity ensures safety. Both models feature an integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker).

High-efficiency MPPT technology
Both solar charge regulators have an efficiency of 98% and are equipped with a Maximum Power Point Tracker, which allows a 30% faster load time with the same number of solar panels. Besides the traditional 36-cell and 72-cell solar panels, the new Mastervolt charge regulators are also suitable for the highly economical 60-cell panels.

Solar ChargeMaster 25 MPPT
The SCM25 MPPT focuses on smaller and medium-sized systems. The charge regulator is equipped with a switchable output and an audible alarm. The SCM25 MPPT is suitable for 12 and 24-volt batteries and supplies a charging current of 25 A. In addition to gel, AGM and wet lead-acid batteries, the controller is also suitable for lithium-ion batteries.

Solar ChargeMaster 60 MPPT-MB
The big brother of the range, the SCM60 MPPT-MB is equipped with MasterBus technology and supplies a charging current of 60 A. Ideal for medium-sized and large energy systems, the SCM60 MPPT-MB can be used in 12, 24 and 48-volt battery systems with all of the abovementioned battery types.  

Easy to install
Mastervolt MPPT charge regulators operate with a high input voltage, making it possible to connect several solar panels in series. This greatly reduces cable loss and installation time. Both models are equipped with a clear, user-friendly display, a robust casing and protection against moisture and dirt in accordance with IP2312V.

Max PV power:   2 V: 350 Wp / 24 V: 700 Wp
Max PV input voltage:  75 V
Charging current:  25 A
Battery types:   12/24 V wet, AGM, gel, lithium-ion

Max PV power:   12 V: 900 Wp / 24 V: 1800 Wp / 48 V: 3600 Wp
Max PV input voltage:   145 V
Charging current:   60 A
Battery types:   12/24/48 V wet, AGM, gel, lithium-ion

The SCM25 MPPT is already available while the SCM60 MPPT-MB can be ordered from June 2015.
For more information, visit www.mastervolt.com.


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