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14 July 2010



Leading UK-based satellite solutions provider, Global Telesat Communications (GTC), is pleased to announce the launch of the new SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, a palm-sized device that allows the user to quickly send an update of progress, or call for help, from almost anywhere in the world.

Retailing at just £159 including VAT, the SPOT Messenger uses low-orbit satellites to relay a simple, pre-programmed message to specified recipients in near real time. The inbuilt GPS attaches a position to the message, so family and friends can keep a track of the user on Google maps via the Internet.

If there is a serious problem, a dedicated SOS button can be pressed and held for two seconds, which will automatically alert the nearest rescue services, and send them an accurate fix. This literally takes the ‘search’ out of ‘search and rescue.’

For non life-threatening emergencies, a ‘help’ button is provided, which will alert a network of pre-selected contacts that the user has been inconvenienced, and needs assistance. SPOT will send the message every 5 minutes until cancelled, or the batteries are depleted.

Other functions include the ‘Check In/OK’ function, which updates the position and lets the user’s contacts know that all is well. These waypoints can be stored for later use, such as building a record of a voyage. The Custom Message function allows the user to expand the simple ‘OK’ with a pre-written message, placed on the system prior to departure.

The new SPOT Messenger is a smaller and lighter version of the hugely popular SPOT Tracker, which was launched just over a year ago. Both units make full use of satellite technology, yet without the costs associated with more sophisticated satellite phones. Instead, a simple annual call-time plan is purchased on line, which gives unlimited messages. The annual fee costs just €99, with complete access to all of the SPOT Messenger’s main functions. Users can log on to their account at any time to modify the list of contacts, retrieve their waypoints, or rewrite their custom messages.

An optional Track Progress feature is available for just €39 extra. This can set the SPOT to continuously ‘send and save’ your location every 10 minutes for 24 hours, or until cancelled. Progress can then be shown on a SPOT Shared Page accessed by a URL, where your track in a race or short voyage can be followed with regular updates on a Google map.

“The SPOT Messenger is an excellent, low cost way to stay in touch, especially on long sea voyages, and also for exploring on land in the far flung corners of the world,” said Jenna Phipps, International Marketing Manager of GTC. “Unlike an EPIRB, it can easily be transferred from boat to boat, or accompany the crew ashore. As a Company, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest levels of service with all types of satellite communication, so can provide a SPOT Messenger for next day delivery within the UK, and with full 24/7 after sales support via email or phone.”

Ideal for use in any location where there is a clear view of the sky, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a remarkably lightweight, affordable and simple-to-use system for keeping in contact with family, friends, and the rescue services, wherever you happen to be.

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger: £159 including VAT
Annual Service Account: €99 including VAT available from www.findmespot.com  
Optional Track Progress: €39 including VAT available from www.findmespot.com  

Technical specifications:
Height: 9.4cm
Width: 6.6cm
Thickness: 2.5cm
Operating temp: -30o C to 60oC
Batteries: 3 AAA Lithium dry cells
Battery life (with 100% view of sky of minimise sending attempts):
Power on: 3 months
Track progress: 7 days
SOS/Help: 6 days
Check in: 700 messages.

- ENDS -

Notes to Editors:

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) is based in London, and provides sales and technical advice on all types of satellite communication systems. GTC is also a specialist agent for Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium, and prides itself on customer service, and is partnered with Global Telesat Corp based in New York, so is able to offer its customers the very best deals available for all of areas of satellite technology. Expert staff will advise on the satellite products needed to meet specific requirements. The product is then dispatched with next day delivery, or within 5 working days for international orders. All products are sent out with the latest firmware updates installed, and with a 1-year warranty.

For further information, please contact:
Global Telesat Communications Ltd, 43 – 45 Portman Square, London, W1H 6HN.
Telephone: +44 (0)207 969 2866.
Email: info@globaltelesat.co.uk  


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