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18 November 2014


On show at METS 2014, Stand Number 04.541

Leading electronics manufacturer Standard Horizon is proud to announce the launch of the GX2200E Matrix GPS AIS DSC VHF transceiver.

The GX2200E is the first-ever compact fixed Class D DSC VHF to include built-in receivers for both GPS and AIS (Automatic Identification System). It has a 66-channel integrated GPS antenna, and a built in duplexer that enables the VHF and AIS to use just the one VHF antenna.

The GX2200E is able to display AIS targets in a radar style format on the large 1.8in LCD screen. This allows the user to not only clearly identify each target from the MMSI (Mobile Maritime Service Identity) information being transmitted, but also to determine its course. A glance at the screen will provide a target’s MMSI number, call sign, ship name, bearing (BRG), distance (DST), speed over ground (SOG) and course over ground (COG). There is also a Closest Point of Approach (CPA) alarm, if a target vessel strays too close.

For quick and precise communication, an automatic DSC call can be made to a specific AIS-equipped vessel by simply selecting the target and pressing the call button. This saves the time and the possibility of mistakes by having to type in the vessel’s unique 9-digit MMSI number.Another versatile feature is the ability to ‘poll’ another vessel for its position. This is shown as lat/long on the radio’s screen, or can be sent to a compatible chart plotter display as well. Polling is used for vessels that wish to keep abreast of each other’s location, such as a cruising flotilla, or a group of fishing boats.

AIS target information can also be sent to the chart plotter via an NMEA connection and an added feature on the GX2200E is the ability to change the GPS input and DSC/AIS output baud rate, essential if the plotter you are connecting to it only has one port. In addition to providing DSC information, the integrated GPS acts as a useful navigation aid in its own right, and can store up to 100 waypoints. These can be selected and used via a unique compass display, which will also give all the usual GPS information about speed, course and bearing to a waypoint.

The GX2200E is remarkably compact, and yet provides a generous and easy-to-read display, a deliberately oversized rotary channel selection knob and a powerful 30Watt PA/loud hailer with pre-programmed with fog signals and listen back. In addition, the MATRIX AIS/GPS allows you to start a fog horn and then view the AIS page simultaneously.

Housed in a die-cast chassis for strength and durability, the GX2200E also feature 4.5-Watt audio output, a ClearVoice noise cancelling speaker microphone, Programmable Scan, Priority Scan and Dual Watch. There is also a function for user-changeable channel names with an optional voice scrambler, and the soft keys can be customised for easy menu operation.

For even greater versatility, the GX2200E supports the CMP30 remote access microphone, which provides complete control of the radio, including the waypoint and AIS functions as well as displaying AIS target data on the screen. The CMP30 essentially provides two separate VHF DSC stations on board, and also doubles as an intercom between them, particularly useful for flybridge motorboats.

Waterproof to JIS-7/IPX-7 standards (1 metre submersion for 30 minutes), with a full three-year warranty.
Recommended Retail Price for the GX2200E is £369.95 including VAT (€369.95 ex VAT).  The CMP30 retails at £109.95 including VAT (€109.95 ex VAT).

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Notes for Editors:
Standard Horizon is part of Yaesu Musen Co Ltd, which was formed in 1956. They manufacture and sell amateur radio communications equipment under the Yaesu brand.

Yaesu Musen Co Ltd has regional offices in the USA, UK, and Hong Kong, and is represented in most countries of the world by dealers and distributors.

For further information, please contact our UK office:
Standard Horizon, Unit 12 Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close,
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 OLB, UK.
Telephone: +44 (0)1962 866667.  Facsimile: +44 (0)1962 856801
Email: marinesales@standardhorizon.co.uk   


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